05 December, 2010

interesting changes are upon us...

So, thanks to my good friend Amanda Bishop and Starbucks coffee, I recently and randomly became a MARY KAY consultant!! WTF, right!? I still can't believe that I am a Mary Kay gal now, but I am very excited and nervous at the same time. And no, it's not just for old ladies. Their makeup is pretty great!

I met Amanda and her MK director, Melissa Smith, so that I could be supportive of her new business venture when I asked so many questions about the company that I was super intrigued. After convincing Tony to get a free facial at her weekly meeting that night with me and after loving the products we tried (hello satin lips!) I signed the agreement and ordered my "kit" to become a consultant!

The reason it sounded so appealing was for the money. We are always struggling and can use any extra that comes at us. Someday we will be out of this mess we're in, but we have to do something drastic about it for it to change. I will get to pocket 50% of everything I sell with MK and that also means we get 50% off all their products and once I run out of my Oil of Olay, I'm going Mary Kay!

The best part of this extra money is every penny is going towards our schooling! Oh, did I forget to mention it is really happening this time? This January, as in 1 month from now, Tony and I will be in school part time and working full time (talk about the stress!) We need to get out of our current jobs to actually begin real careers and this is the first huge step.

contact me...
or at my normal address
to order...

Remember, if you ever want to order anything for yourself or as a gift all the proceeds go to our school fund, which is VERY important!

Also, if you have never tried any of their products you can get a free facial from me anytime. Every Tuesday night we have our weekly meetings and I would love to get some good practice by bringing guests for the free facials.

I will never pressure you to buy anything (because I HATE feeling pressured), but if you love it please do order!!

Thanks for your support!!

P.S. Duh! I forgot to mention that if you are also interested in hosting a Mary Kay party they are fun and depending on how much your guests order you get credit towards your own purchase! Always a plus!

15 November, 2010

wish list...

Here's just a little hint at my Christmas list on Amazon!! To see everything on my list... My Amazon wish list

Sew Retro

Nine West pumps

Lost: The Complete Collection

Drowning Girl poster by Lichtenstein

Dexter season 4

Audrey Hepburn Collection

Schwinn Cruiser

Ok so it's the most random list ever but I would love to own everything listed here!!
What do you want for xmas?

03 November, 2010

quiltin time...

I told myself I would never quilt again! Not true, but that was only bc I was working on 4 at one time last year and got so burned out. I love quilting and will never quit. Now it is one year later and I am ready to get back in the game!

I found one style a long time ago in a book that I loved and got it all planned out with my graph paper, colored pencils... And I finally bought all the fabrics! I'm very excited. It's called the flower vase and involves lots of flowery fabrics in different colors creating a vase full of flowers set on a table top. I tried to find all fabrics that looked kind of vintage and still modern. I am very, very picky about my fabrics and spend waaaaay to much time at Joann Fabrics. But I am the master of my coupons at crafty stores!!

Here is what the book quilt looks like...(YUCK)

Ok Gross! But this is mine...

It's just the top so far but the backing will be a solid light teal. I can't wait until it is finally finished as it will be my first finished quilt for me!! YAY!!!

01 November, 2010

Halloween week...

I have had a fantastic week! (And this is the start of my new at-least-once-a-week postings.)

-saw my dad twice in Portland on layovers
-my bestie, Anneliese, from elementary-high school came here on vaca for 6 days
-good shopping at nordstrom rack (love my new Harajuku pants)
-Halloween party on Tuesday
-Project Runway watch party for Denver native and runner-up MONDO (who is way better than Gretchen, arrrgggghhhh)!
-went to boulder to see some waterfalls but the roads were blocked due to a forest fire which is why the sky was smoky and red

WOW! Busy, busy.

First off, the Halloween Party this year did not get snowed out and we had a huge turn out. We had about 25 people and every single person dressed up. Four of the guys dressed up as ladies. What are the odds?

Secondly, Thursday night was the season finale for project runway and since one of the finalists is from Denver there was a huge party to see if he won. The Beauty Bar was packed to capacity and basically standing room only for 4 hours. Sadly, Mondo didn't win but he was gracious for the opportunity and all his fans that showed up.

I enjoy weeks like this but I my laundry is piling up badly and I need to get cracking on those xmas gifts!

P.S. Visit my new movie review blog... Tothetheater.blogspot.com

31 October, 2010

Another new blog!!!

Go check out my new blog all about movies!!!

To The Theater

I want people to branch out with their movie choices. Enjoy my reviews. Let me know what you think of the films as well with your comments.